Shark Snorkel Mask

$ 49.00

About this item

  • 🦈 SHARK FULL FACE SNORKEL MASK EXCLUSIVELY BY NEBIBO. Our mission, create safe and unique snorkeling gear for kids. This snorkeling set, inspired by the movie JAWS, offers kids a shark snorkel to safely explore underwater, and learn to swim at the same time. Look like a shark! After two years of development, we are excited to present a completely redesigned full face snorkel mask. This kids snorkel set, is intended for ages 6 and above. Get your very own NEBIBO today.
  • 🦈ULTRA-SAFE REDESIGNED SNORKEL CREATES WATER TIGHT SEAL. No other kids snorkel mask has the patented shark design offered by NEBIBO. The ultra safe fin is designed to seal in the event the snorkel goes below the water, preventing water from entering the snorkeling mask. Once the one piece snorkel is lifted out of the water, the snorkel will re-open and allow you to breath normally. Unlike scuba masks, there is no supplied air, or air tanks needed. Comfortable straps easily adjust to put on.
  • 🦈 NEXT LEVEL SAFE FRESH AIR BREATHING ANTI-FOG SYSTEM. This shark swimming mask utilizes a unique breathing design. Fresh air is breathed in, which prevents fog from developing on the lens. The CO2 exits a separate vent on the side of the mask. This makes the snorkeler for kids safer, unlike other brands allow toxic CO2 to be rebreathed by the leading to dizziness and fatigue. Unlike kids goggles that have no ventilation, the swimmer can enjoy uninterrupted viewing underwater.
  • 🦈 MAXIMUM VISIBILITY WITHOUT THE DIZZINESS. A common complaint of a child snorkel mask with a curved lens is vision distortion creating dizziness. Our full face youth snorkel mask incorporates the latest in snorkel technology with a flat lens, allowing for 180° viewing, excellent peripheral vision, and no vision distortion from a curved lens. With a unique compact design, the snorkel can be easily disassembled making it easy to pack in your suitcase for your next vacation. Action camera ready.
  • 🦈 NON-TOXIC MATERIALS. Built using non-toxic materials, and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), our premium product gives kids a fun and safe snorkeling experience. Using the latest in long lasting silicone and UV resistant plastics this product will last for a long time. Whether it is a girl snorkel or a boy snorkel you are looking for, we're here for you. 

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