Where in the World: Animals (BB)

$ 10.99

Packed with facts, maps, and adorable animals from across the globe, this uniquely shaped board book is sure to be your baby's favorite seek and find adventure!

Put this awesome encyclopedia of first facts in a little learner's hands and let them explore animal habitats from the Amazon Rainforest and African Savannah to the forest floor and deepest depths of our oceans. Can they spot the camel near the oasis? Find the crab hidden in the ocean that makes up 70% of our planet? Every adorable location scene includes a seek and find element to keep little ones engaged in quiet play, learning facts along the way.

Perfect for fans of the Hello, World! series or National Geographic Kids, this book keeps young explorers coming back for more facts time and time again. Best of all, when opened, the book turns into a free-standing globe―giving it a fun, decorative look that's perfect for gifting!

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