Nurture Time Baby 13"

$ 54.00
  • With 3 fun touch-activated features!
  • Size: 13" Adora doll
  • Light skin tone/Blue eyes
  • Open/close eyes
  • Sweet, interactive doll
  • 3 touch-activated features: GIGGLES when tickled in the belly; CRIES when squeezed in the right hand; and SUCKLES when fed with the bottle.
  • Lifelike, baby powder scent
  • Hand-painted hair
  • Cute, removable clothing
  • Comes with Adora toy baby bottle!
  • Batteries included
  • Encourages nurturing interaction
  • Ages 3 and up

Pretend plays just got sweeter with the latest interactive baby doll Adora NurtureTime Soft Pink! Love is in the details of this pink Adora baby doll, arriving with a cute pink ensemble, feeding doll accessory, and acts just like a real baby. This doll with sounds has beautiful round blue eyes that open and close, hand-painted hair, and precious open baby lips that are ready for mealtime. Your little ones will absolutely have fun with a touch-activated baby doll Soft Pink with 3 sound mechanisms featuring giggles, cries, and suckles when fed with her Adora pretend bottle!

Adora NurtureTime Soft Pink is the perfect feeding baby doll for toddlers. This doll that cry is outfitted in a pink ruffled sleeve top with a shiny cloud applique onesie, and a headband with a soft cloud trim. Squeeze her right hand and she will cry but tickle her in the belly and you’ll hear her giggle! And when it’s time for food, feed her with Adora bottle and she’ll suckle! This Adora interactive play doll will be a big part of every family meal, and your little one’s heart.

Adora NurtureTime Soft Pink is a 13-inch interactive baby doll with a soft and cuddly body, made for the little hands to play with! Handmade and ready to be loved, she has smooth-to-touch full vinyl limbs and a fresh baby powder scent. Makes a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays, ages 3 and up.

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