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Pocketdoodles for Boys

$ 9.99

Jam-packed with cool ideas and kooky illustrations, Pocketdoodles for Boys invites readers to design a roller coaster, turn a beauty queen into a flesh-eating zombie, create their very own masterpieces, and so much more! Filled with furballs, oddballs, and everything in between, this book will have every boy drawing with delight.

Inside are interactive picture and word prompts that will encourage youngsters (and adults) to write, doodle, draw and color on the pages. For example, you'll find storyline doodle pages on which you are given picture elements and instructions on how to complete the drawings.

The book's small size (4x6 inches) makes it perfect for stowing in a pocket or backpack, so kids can enjoy the activities and doodling prompts wherever they go. With 272 pages, there's always a new idea for drawing and dreaming!

Doodling Prompts Include:

  • Sleepwalker: Draw the weird place this sleepwalker ended up!
  • Draw-A-Bus: Draw the school bus driver.
  • Superhero: Draw yourself as a superhero with really cool powers!
  • Water: Draw scary fish in this fish tank!
  • Puke Park: Draw all the people getting sick on this roller coaster!
  • Cave kid: Draw yourself as a prehistoric caveman

Chris Sabatino created the illustrations for The Big Book of Boy Stuff and The Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff. He lives in Massachusetts.

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